Dan Schawbel video on Social Media and Personal Branding

Posted: January 10, 2012 in business, marketing, publishing, SMO, social media, sydney, Uncategorized, video
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Ok in our opinion he is not the most exciting speaker, however if you want to know about Personal Branding through Social Media you want to listen to Dan….  


Dan Schawbel is recognized as the leading authority on personal branding. With over 900,000 results for his name in Google, Fast Company calls Dan Schawbel “A personal branding force of nature” and The New York Times calls him “A personal branding guru.” Recently, BusinessWeek named Dan Schawbel as “One of twenty people that entrepreneurs should follow on Twitter,” alongside Richard Branson and Details Magazine cited Dan as one of “Five internet guru’s that can make you rich” alongside Seth Godin. In 2007, Dan Schawbel helped create one of the first social media positions in a Fortune 500 company.

Dan Schawbel – Personal Branding Blog






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