The Power of Pinterest – A great INFOGRAPHIC guide to Pintrest with some very persuasive data…

Posted: March 19, 2012 in branding, business, marketing, Pinterest, PR, publishing, SMO, social media, sydney
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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few months, you’ve probably heard about the up and coming image sharing website known as Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s quite simple. Imagine if Flickr and Twitter had a child together that combined the image sharing of Flickr with the social functionality of Twitter. Users can upload and share pictures with a network of over 10 million people and follow the activity of their friends and other users.

Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest has shown explosive growth and shows no signs of slowing down. So what’s with all the interest in Pinterest?

Well it’s not too often a social media site experiences as much traffic and growth as Pinterest, especially amongst females. Even more so, Pinterest already accounts for more referral traffic on the web than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Could Pinterest become one of the next social media giants and join the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Possibly, but we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Behold, the Power of Pinterest:


Graham Knowles – Digital Guerilla Sydney  

  1. Ellen Partal says:

    So how do you market on Pinterest? Would you recommend it over Google+ or Twitter to working women in ther 30s?

    • Hi Ellen, in the world of Social Media Marketing there really isn’t an “either or”, for the best results it is about a converged strategy of using all elements that are suitable for your business… my post yesterday might help you decide if Piterest works for your business…

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