Top Ten Online Video Ad’s Shared on YouTube (UK)

Posted: April 4, 2012 in branding, marketing, publishing, social media, video, YouTube
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Consumers are now as willing to share online adverts as clips that other users have taken. These are currently the Internet Advertising Bureau’s most popular for the UK.

1. Peugeot Mood Paint 

This April Fool’s suggests that new paint will change colour depending on the mood of the driver. Which could mean all cars in traffic jams would be red.

2. Go Beyond The Cover
Watched more than 9million times, this Dermablend commercial sees a surprising transformation.

3. Steamy Windows by Irn Bru 
Irn Bru cements its cheeky image with this 30-second commercial about a son who discovers his parents thought he’d gone out…

4. Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home
Watched nearly 19million times, this film covers BMX rider Danny MacAskill’s journey from Edinburgh to Skye.

5. Assassin’s Creed 3
The reveal trailer for this 18-rated video game is atmospheric, and mixes live action with computer graphics.

6. The CONtract feat. K-Orville 
An advert from O2-owned mobile company giffgaff, featuring rehomoned battery chickens, rapping and Orville. Of course.

7. Game of Thrones 
A teaser trailer for season two of this popular HBO series.

8. Introducing the Marshall Fridge 
Is it an amp? No it’s a fridge. “The coolest icon in music just got cooler.”

9. Guinness on St Patrick’s Day 
Guinness takes a visit to the sheep dog trials. Nearly 2.3million viewers have added to the capacity crowd of 16 on film.

10. David Attenborough’s Wonderful World 
David Attenborough does Duke Ellington’s classic. Almost sings it, but not quite.

Graham Knowles


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